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Dr. Naveen Bhadauria is currently practising as a substantive NHS Consultant Rheumatologist at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust. He practises private rheumatology from a prestigious new private hospital in Central London called One Welbeck in the famous Harley Street Medical District. He also practises at BMI Cavell and Spire London East.

Dr. Bhadauria’s current practise involves looking after patients with all aspects of General Rheumatology. His specialty interest is in Early Inflammatory Arthritis and also in the management of patients with Connective Tissue Diseases such as Lupus and Vasculitis. Other areas that he commonly manages include:

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Dr. Naveen Bhadauria conducts research in his current NHS Practice. He is a Principle Investigator for a number of different commercial and academic trials,  most of which involve Rheumatoid Arthritis or SLE. His previous research during his BSc in Immunology looked at the role of heat shock proteins as possible target antigens in the development of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

An important priority for Dr. Bhadauria is to maintain a high professional standard. He keeps himself up to date with the latest evidence and research in Rheumatology so that he can provide his patients with the best possible care.  Dr. Bhadauria attends conferences and reads the latest journals which allows him to do this.

Another important aspect to his care is that he provides a consultation where he looks to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible and allow for a discussion regarding any investigation and treatment. The patient’s feelings and views are just as important as the doctors. Dr. Bhadauria enjoys meeting and interacting with new people and this helps him to be a better Consultant.


Dr. Naveen Bhadauria completed his medical degree in June 2004 at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Medical School. In June 2001 Dr. Naveen Bhadauria completed a BSc in Immunology which set the foundation for his path in to the world of rheumatology. Dr. Naveen Bhadauria entered specialty training in Rheumatology and General Internal Medicine in 2012.

During his training he experienced a wide variety of rheumatological problems including the common conditions and more complex cases. His experience in acute and general medicine has helped him to develop in to a well-rounded rheumatologist where he feels he can really provide the highest quality of care to his patients.


If you would like to find out more about the treatments that Dr. Naveen Bhadauria offers or have any questions please get in touch with his PA using the link below.